Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, November 2023

This month, we sneak inside a seriously unbalanced haunted house with two teen ghost hunters, and unearth sexual harassment at a prestigious middle school with an eighth grade podcaster, who plans to submit her expose to a summer podcasting camp taught by a famous investigative reporter.

Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, October, 2023

This month, we experience living inside a creepy-happy, gated utopia and fight antebellum ghosts in the deep south with twin sisters, one who is a Black civil rights organizer and one who was raised as the heiress to a former plantation.

Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, September, 2023

This month, we finesse our motel-running operations while trying to keep ahead of a an anti-immigration bill and a racist teacher. We also enter into the very dark world of fairy tales, where we try to outrun an unwanted past with a supernatural serial killer nipping at our heels.

Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, August 2023 Update

We are under (re)construction this month! Find out what lies ahead for this intrepid authorpreneur!

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews, June 2023

This month, we travel back to an abandoned farmhouse to re-imagine the lives of 12 kids who lived there, solve a mystery involving MMIW and the repatriation of indigenous ancestors, take a school trip to Paris and get enmeshed in a family curse.