Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews January, 2023

Children's book reviews by a children's writer. This month, we roll our eyes at clueless Dads, stand up to a bullying troll, face down racist microagressions, learn to listen to the horses, and travel back in time through a forbidden apartment.

Resilient Container Moves to Instagram

Dear Readers and Subscribers, When I updated my website in September, 2021, I decided to try out two very different blogs: Resilient Container for gardening and Bookcase Bizarro for children's book reviews. Since that time, I've discovered that while I love gardening, I don't love blogging about it. Gardening functions as a kind of break … Continue reading Resilient Container Moves to Instagram

Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening: Grow

Welcome to part 3 of our special series on year round indoor salad gardening. In the past two parts we've covered choosing a location for the garden, building shelves, picking containers, mixing soil and assembling supplies. What's left? Growing.