Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, August 2023 Update

We are under (re)construction this month! Find out what lies ahead for this intrepid authorpreneur!

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews April, 2023

This month, we find out how much we learn in the first years of life, conquer our fear of diving, worry about whether our first crush will be reciprocated or not, defend our right to love our own hair, attend a global and diverse magical boarding school and fight alongside two foster kids for a place in a loving home on Cape Cod Island.

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews January, 2023

Children's book reviews by a children's writer. This month, we roll our eyes at clueless Dads, stand up to a bullying troll, face down racist microagressions, learn to listen to the horses, and travel back in time through a forbidden apartment.

Resilient Container Moves to Instagram

Dear Readers and Subscribers, When I updated my website in September, 2021, I decided to try out two very different blogs: Resilient Container for gardening and Bookcase Bizarro for children's book reviews. Since that time, I've discovered that while I love gardening, I don't love blogging about it. Gardening functions as a kind of break … Continue reading Resilient Container Moves to Instagram

Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening: Grow

Welcome to part 3 of our special series on year round indoor salad gardening. In the past two parts we've covered choosing a location for the garden, building shelves, picking containers, mixing soil and assembling supplies. What's left? Growing.