Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews, June 2023

This month, we travel back to an abandoned farmhouse to re-imagine the lives of 12 kids who lived there, solve a mystery involving MMIW and the repatriation of indigenous ancestors, take a school trip to Paris and get enmeshed in a family curse.

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews May, 2023

This month, we escape the hot city for the seaside, mistakenly summon a demon to our small town who makes the local bully look like a saint, learn how to to navigate the ups and downs of middle school friendships, and persuade a grumpy witch to (maybe) take us in as her apprentice.

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews April, 2023

This month, we find out how much we learn in the first years of life, conquer our fear of diving, worry about whether our first crush will be reciprocated or not, defend our right to love our own hair, attend a global and diverse magical boarding school and fight alongside two foster kids for a place in a loving home on Cape Cod Island.

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews March, 2023

This month, we spend a hot summer's day transforming into animals, go for a long, steamy soak at a Japanese bath house, travel through time in a remarkable way, see how internalized racism can turn people into their own worst enemies at exactly the time they need to be their own best friends, and take to the Maine woods to search for a lost boy who can't speak.

Bookcase Bizarro: Children’s Book Reviews, February 2023

This month, we get a cautionary lesson on efficiency and quiet quit, go jigging for halibut, try - and fail - to outrun ourselves, create a cardboard kingdom and freeze time in order to get one more day of summer, which turns into a nightmare. We've also got a couple of terrific YA recommendations for those of you who are into superhero re-tellings or dystopic horror.