Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, August 2023 Update

Welcome to a friendly, neighbourhood construction notice from Bookcase Bizarro!

As a soon-to-be self-published author, my work life is undergoing some serious renovations, and this newsletter is part of that. Completing the edits for SHADOW APPRENTICE, working with a book cover designer while still trying to write the next book has made me realize I don’t have enough creative bandwidth to post 4+ reviews in multiple children’s genres on my blog every month.

In fact this month, I don’t have enough creative bandwidth to post any.

I need to pare things down a tad.

Starting in September, the number of books I review will decrease from 5 down to a more manageable 2. I’ll focus exclusively on MG (mostly upper MG) and YA. These are the genres I know best, since they make up the bulk of the books I read. (Also, I suck at trying to describe visual art.) I’ll tag any other particularly good books I’ve read during the month with a ‘Recommended Reads’ rather than a short review.

Like this:

Yellow book cover showing the shadowed silhouettes of two girls, one inside the other, framed by a 'V' sign.

Recommended Read: Don’t Breathe a Word, by Jordyn Taylor. (HarperTeen, 2021)

Seriously, do yourself a favour and read this one.

Past and present stories interconnect around an elite society at a private boarding school, and a secret fallout shelter hidden built during the Cold War paranoia of the 1950s. Group think and corruption are prominent themes. For fans of dark academia. (Okay, I did have enough creative bandwidth to write a review this month after all.)

Finally, I’ll continue to headline with author news and share any interesting links that have snagged me during the month.

This is all about creating a sane pace of work amidst the increased demands of running an author business, and making sure that I leave enough time for important essentials like REST and FUN. Remember those? Me, too.

Thanks for bearing with me and I’ll see you again in September!

4 thoughts on “Bookcase Bizarro: MG/YA Book Reviews, August 2023 Update

  1. I like when bloggers personalize their posts. Your voice shines through every word. I love challenging upper MG and YA novels, too. Latest recommendation: TWO GIRLS STARING AT THE CEILING, a novel in verse. Not new, but a mentor text for me because it centers on teens and tweens with secret diseases.

  2. Best of luck with the edits, the cover design and book 2! Reviews are really time consuming so you are right to cut back! Best of luck with the indie publishing – I look forward to getting regular updates on your blog!

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