Year Round Indoor Salad Gardening: Set-Up

Is an indoor salad garden possible in a Canadian winter? We're about to find out.

Aphid Massacre: Aftermath

The purely observational, unscientific results of the aphid massacre are in! I grew three different varieties of kale this year: black kale, Portuguese kale and Vates Kale. Each variety stood up to the aphids with varying degrees of success. The overall winner and the kale variety most resistant to aphid damage was black kale. Black … Continue reading Aphid Massacre: Aftermath

Aphids, Squirrels and the Constant Battle Against Perfectionism

Aphids, squirrels or perfectionism: which one is the real enemy?

Introducing The Resilient Container

Welcome to the Resilient Container, a monthly blog about my ongoing adventures in container vegetable gardening. First, a few disclaimers and a bit of background: I'm neither a scientist nor an agricultural specialist. I'm an ordinary person who's been growing food in containers for nearly 20 years. I started off growing on a blazing hot … Continue reading Introducing The Resilient Container