How I started Autumn Seedlings…and Survived a Heatwave Wipe-out (Maybe).

When surfer Garrett McNamara was interviewed after he rode a 100-foot world record wave, he imparted some sage advice for the rest of us mere mortals. He said that if you're riding waves or dealing with any situation in life, if you're in the moment, you're really connected to what's going on, whether you're getting … Continue reading How I started Autumn Seedlings…and Survived a Heatwave Wipe-out (Maybe).

Mother: A Commemorative Post

Every time something happens, whether it's good or bad, I wish I could call my mother. But I can't. She died in 2017, four years ago.  So I do the next best thing. I play all the the Travellers and Bruce Cockburn albums she and my father used to listen to, and open my mind … Continue reading Mother: A Commemorative Post

Introducing The Resilient Container

Welcome to the Resilient Container, a monthly blog about my ongoing adventures in container vegetable gardening. First, a few disclaimers and a bit of background: I'm neither a scientist nor an agricultural specialist. I'm an ordinary person who's been growing food in containers for nearly 20 years. I started off growing on a blazing hot … Continue reading Introducing The Resilient Container